August 14, 2013

Elf - WIP

Another WIP, this time for an old OC of mine Elf. Currently in the process of reworking him as his design is extremely old (like 5 years back) when I only really started and was based on a wolf design I got from a friends, which would mark it even older than the original 5 years I have him. In any case, part 1 the sketch:

Here it is, straight from my sketchbook. It's done on a very small format - A5. Guidelines are done with a blue polymer 0.5 micro pencil so they don't appear on the scan (no need to worry I'm really helpless without helplines...) I also sketched a simple background idea I found while browsing internet, but not sure if I will stick with the idea or not....

After I open the picture in program such as Paint tool SAI I first go over the sketch and play around it, fixing simpler anatomy or design flaws. Example: Elf originally (and in his new design it stayed) had a long and thin snout to underline a prince-like elegant feature. He was planned as deceptively frail dragon with more athlete build than muscular one. After that goes the tedious linearting phase with crapton of details. Picture above is just one of the color variations I've tried - Elf's original design is a green dragon with white belly scales and horns. I've also added additional spikes.

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